Welcome to Martha Ramirez Photography.

It is here that you will find works of a woman with a sincere passion for love. I’ve been Married for 16 years to my business partner and best friend. Together in 2001, we built Unique Design Studios (UDS Photo), a small studio of barely 800 sq ft. It was the first studio in Miami, that didn’t require fake smiles, nor did it allow the typical posing or any posing, for that matter.

At first, potential clients had huge issues with having a photographer that didn’t have the traditional “prom pose” included in their “package”. To make matters worse, it didn’t even provide “packages”.
Instead, we provided a menu of services that allowed you the luxury of choosing the services UDS would provide. This was an industry first and we weren’t sure if it would be a hit or miss.

This is where my journey truly began. My mission was to educate the “I doers” and most importantly, the parents, about the “uniqueness” of our photography. I must admit, at first it was a huge challenge. I was speaking a completely different language and for parents especially, it took some time for it to all sink in. Just to give you an example, we called our images, “art”. We offered an “experience”, not a session. I wasn’t sure if my attempt to be “unique” would catch on, but in only 8 months, we outgrew our space, moved and double our square footage, plus added an assistant to handle the busy phone lines. This was the first indication that our “uniqueness” was catching on and the newness was spreading and spreading quickly.

In the following 8 years we outgrew our space 2 more times, hired 6 photographers, two graphic designers an amazing studio manager and opened two more studios; UDS~New York and UDS~San Francisco.

So what could be new in 2012? How about a 6000sq ft studio, with all the bells and whistles and a new addition going by the name of Martha Ramirez Photography!

UDS’ success and accomplishments were a complete result of recommendations, an impeccable customer service and of course, its unique style and Martha Ramirez Photography (MRP) will follow in those same footsteps.

After 11 years of working every weekend, I’ve decided to make a drastic change in my and my family’s livelihood. I will continue to photograph weddings, but will limit the weddings to only 25 per year. I will continue to oversee UDS, but I will only offer my personal services through MRP. Couples that wish to hire a photographer, not a photography company, will now be able to do so without sacrificing customer service or quality.

I knew a few years back that this was bound to happen. I was simply waiting for the right time and 2012 is it. To those that have been a part of UDS’ success, I thank you for your continued support and I hope that you will also embrace MRP. Without the love from UDS’ clients, I would not be able to live out my dream. I’m excited about this new venture and I can not wait to share my newest journey with you.

Your Story, Our Vision…I’m ready to capture your reality.

With Much Love,

Martha Ramirez